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Amazon Faces Problems with LCD Tablet Production

Written on June 30, 2011 by Lulu

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Amazon is facing a problem on securing a manufacturer for their rumored LCD tablet, as Apple Booked almost all of the tablet component makers.

According to a report, could face a problem with their rumored production due to ’s occupation to most manufacturers in the upcoming second half of the year. DigiTimes reported that touch panels makers Wintek, and J Touch received orders for a tablet from Amazon.

However, Wintek also takes orders from Apple for their iPad and iPhone. Recent news about Wintek said that it will have a tight production schedule for the coming months, making ut diificult to accommodate orders from Amazon. On the other hand, TPK Holdings – a major supplier of touch modules for the iPad – said that they are uncertain to grab orders from Amazon because of the capacity problem.

Based on a report, Amazon is hoping to produce an initial batch of 1.5-2 million tablets. It is also said that online retailers will release the devices in September, targeting sales of 4 million tablets this year.

Another report from DigiTimes pointed out that Amazon sent orders to Quanta computer to develop a LCD tablet. Amazon also plans to partner with E-Ink Holdings for the said device. However, Apple had booked as much as 60% of the world’s touch panel manufacturers by offering upfront cash payments. This make Apple’s competitors feel the squeeze.

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  • Rob

    Apple Booked all Asian resources. Get some Obama Money and build this stuff in the US. Then put a Made in America stamp on it.

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