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Apple Might Topple HP Lead in Portable Computer Making

Written on July 02, 2011 by Lulu

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DigiTimes considered that if combined mobile platforms are involved, Apple might topple HP as the most popular portable computer maker.

Apple is now on its way to top the ranks of portable device makers next year. It could topple as the most popular maker if the trend continues.

Apple estimated to ship 15 million MacBooks of all kinds in 2012. If combined with the company’s raised external that is estimated to 60 million iPads on that same year, it could reach the amount of 25 to 30 percent of the estimated portable market. Meanwhile, HP is expected to ship no more than 50 million notebooks this year. And because it can’t count on rapid PC growth, Apple can topple HP when their combined platforms are involved.

Predictions about sales can be change in the next few months, however it can serve as a rough ballparks.

The iPad is the biggest impact in the notebook category these days. ’s netbook revenues plunge to 40 percent on the first quarter of the year, while reduced its notebook shipments and reorganize itself to get away from its dependencies on and low-end notebooks.

HP beat off Acer and for the top place in distributing PCs. However, its lead has been chipped away by rivals, and in its most recent quarter was defined by a steep drop in home PC revenue. It might also won’t improve in the near future.

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