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What You Need to Know About iOS 5 — Final Part

Written on July 02, 2011 by Adam Eve

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On the last part of GADG's "What You Need to Know About iOS 5" series, know what other cool features to expect and what's new with AirPlay, Exchange, accessibility front and more.

At long last! GADG is here to bring the last part of our feature preview for . In this article, we will talk about the rumored voice , the , accessibility front and other features that users must anticipate.

More answers on your even more burning questions are posted below.

Will the iOS 5 upgrade mess with my app icon layout and folders?
On your iPod, it splits app icons to Video and Music. It also introduces Newsstand and Reminders which can slightly muck you application’s layout order. But other than that, your basic organization and folders would remain untouched.

What’s new with ?
Nothing much. Wireless printing should work in iOS 5 just like in the recent version.

How does integration work?
On your Settings, you will have to provide your Twitter login credentials. You can also login to multiple Twitter accounts if you like. Moreover, various apps like Photos, Safari and Maps allows you to post tweets directly.

Any changes on Exchange support?
In iOS 5, there’s a new wireless support for syncing Exchange task. Together with this is the S/MIME support that shows a lock icon whenever you send encrypted messages. However, there’s still no way to mark your Exchange calendar events as private.

Anything new on the accessibility front?
There are a lot of new things when it comes to accessibility front. One is to customize vibration patterns for specific contacts, simplified touch control support, voice over control, speak text option, and an option to light up iPhone 4’s LED when you receive notifications.

What’s with the split keyboard?
The split keyboard is an -only feature. Users can drag the virtual keyboard up from the bottom of the screen which will split in two halves. Then the keys will be re-sized to match those of the iPhone’s keyboard. Albeit each keyboard can’t be used in different mode, it’s very quick to move the keyboard around.

With acquiring Siri and being rumored to have a deal with Nuance, will there be a new voice transcription functionality in iOS 5?
Let’s refresh everything here first. Siri Assistant is a voice-driven search app that has been in the App Store, following Apple’s acquisition of its maker in 2004. Nuance, on the other hand, specializes in voice recognition. So that could mean that a voice-driven feature for iOS will come one day. As for the new voice feature, you can place FaceTime calls via Voice Control.

What other cool iOS 5 features should I expect?
With iOS 5, you can tap and hold on any word anywhere to find its definition. The iPad 2 will provide AirPlay mirroring, letting you watch what you see on the tablet’s screen in an Apple TV. The Notification Center on iPhone also offers current weather and stock ticker. Lastly, you can change what sounds iOS should use for voice mail, new email, calendar and other default alerts.

So now that you already know many things about iOS 5, are you getting giddy with the upcoming software update?


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