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Anonymous Performs Minor Hack to Apple’s Servers

Written on July 04, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Anonymous lightly hacked Apple's survey site last Sunday.

worked on another minor hack attack last Sunday. Their target? ’s . The attempt affected and even erased the list of all admin users and their passwords from a MySQL table.

The hacker group said that this attack was done in order to revive their push for the AntiSec (anti-security). Anonymous even reported that what they did in Apple’s server was just a minor hack attack, since they have more important targets.

“Don’t worry, we are busy elsewhere”, they said.

Although this is considered to be the first time for the company to suffer from a survey site hacking, Apple had not yet released any comments or actions against Anonymous since Sunday. Take note that before, only few of their devices and individual accounts have been the prey of these groups.

Anonymous and retired group, , found these AntiSec (anti-security) attacks as an anti-liberty act. Probably, because they were done through a political or economic standing.

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