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Fujifilm, Aims to Surpass Samsung and Nikon

Written on July 05, 2011 by Lulu

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Fujifilm is aiming to replace Samsung as the top four camera maker next year, and bump Nikon off the third place by 2013.

is planning to beat as the top four camera maker by March next year. However, the firm’s plans doesn’t stop there. In 2013, they aim to be the 3rd top camera maker surpassing along the way.

Takeshi Higuchi, the man who heads up Fujufilm’s camera division, said that the company may bring back the interchangeable cameras. He also added that they will offer mirrorless cameras with an electronic viewfinder. Takeshi Higuchi also said that Fujifilm doesn’t have any issues regarding the development of a mirrorless camera.

This product might help bring the company image more popular in the market, and might also enable Fujifilm to compete with other company in the same field like . Apparently, X100, Fujifilm’s retro styled camera, is their most expensive offering at around $1,200.

Fujifilm, after having a tough time last year, needs to bump sales by 25 percent to 14 million to take the number 4 spot in terms of digital camera. Takeshi Higuchi added that the said production will begin in southeasth Asia with Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Philippines.

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