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Sony Releases a Second Teaser Video for S1 and S2 Tablets

Written on July 06, 2011 by Lulu

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Two weeks after Sony released their first 'Two will' video, the "Going Smoothly" flick for S1 and S2 is out.

After releasing the first video dubbed “First Impression” two weeks ago, released the second in its series of ‘Two Will’ five teaser videos for their upcoming -powered .

The new video is called “Going Smoothly,” and it features the two tablets communicating through a native e-mail app. The S1 have a 9.4-inch and Tegra 2 processor, while the S2 features a folding design and two 5.5 inch screens — which goes along virtual buttons. Both tablets will have access to Sony’s and video service and support DLNA media streaming.

When the fifth and the final video is released, the tablets might be ready for launch. Based on the gap between the first two videos, it is predicted that the tablets will be release in mid-August.

Check the second teaser video of S1 and S2 below.

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