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PayPal UK’s Twitter Account — Hacked

Written on July 07, 2011 by Adam Eve

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In another high-profile Twitter attack, hackers hijacked PayPal UK's Twitter account and posted tweets critical of the online payment processing company.

Tweets posted on Tuesday criticized ’s subsidiary – – for its poor security, and provided links to an anti- website — Sucks. Based on IDG News, some of the tweets were claiming that freezes user accounts for no reason.

In relation to this, PayPal confirmed that its UK account was hacked. However, the account runs separate from the PayPal UK site, so no user data was affected. The attack on PayPal UK’s Twitter account comes in, just days after ’ account was breached.

On the other hand, Twitter made no official response in relation to the recent attacks on two high-profile accounts. Still, pundits believe that these incidents could raise doubts on the security of the micro-blogging site as a means of communication.

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