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Six Most Awaited Gadgets of 2011

Written on July 07, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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GADG knows that you're giddy on what's coming this year. Hence, we are listing six of the most-anticipated gadgets of the year.

Consumers always look forward for the coolest gadgets that are anticipated to launch this year. Most companies are working out to create interesting gadgets, such as tablets and smartphones, to catch the attention of people.

Below is the list of the six most awaited gadgets that are set to release this year.

1. iPhone 5
iPhone 5 is more thinner, lighter, and faster than the iPhone 4. It provides advanced features such as iOS 5, video chat on 3G and 4G networks, a 64GB memory with OLED screen, improved battery life, and an 8-megapixel camera. The iPhone 5’s screen is scratch-free, thus, making the phone more durable. It also contains advanced graphic chips, so users could be able to watch high-definition videos.

2. Xbox 720
Though the company haven’t announced any specific specs and release date for the , some rumors were formed with regards to its features. The Xbox 720 is claimed to have a design similar to a spaceship, and will be adding a 3D network and a Blu-Ray storage. The said is rumored to have a launching sometime in 2013.

3. Apple iPod Touch 5G
Based from rumors and speculations running around the web, the iPod Touch 5G is expected to have high-end features, including 1080P with dual flash camera, -like 3G Micro SIM Card Service, a radio without Wi-Fi, Built-in GPS for Maps, and an improved screen display. Apple is also heard to be adding a wireless synch with iTunes, an A5 Processor Chip with 256MB to 512MB RAM, and a HDMI Video Output with Mirroring Image. The iPod Touch 5G is slated for a release on September 2011.

4. Parrot Asteroid
A cool gadget for outdoor lovers. This voice-controlled car stereo allows you to run all your apps and access the internet in no time. The Parrot Asteroid is the perfect choice for traffic jams, as its provides music services for free.

5. RIM Presenter
This 3.4-inch x 2.4-inch boxlike accessory is the perfect match for your Blackberry phones. By simply connecting the device with a monitor, you will be able to display Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 and 2007 slides from your phone by the means of a Bluetooth network.

6. Sony
Expecting to have a release in 2010, PS 4 is said to use the CELL architecture that is also found in its predecessors. It also be utilizing a GDDR3/DDR3 memory instead of the current memory XDR for PlayStation 3.


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