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Study: iPhone 4 Verizon Hits 32% of Device’s Share in the US

Written on July 08, 2011 by Lulu

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Based on a study of device's share in the U.S., iPhone 4 Verizon obtained the 32% of the pie.

The already took 1/3 of all the device’s share in the U.S. based on Localytics’ study of app use. The CDMA version is about 32% after it was released 5 months ago, while version – as well as unlocked devices on – represents the rest of the percentage. Adoption of the Verizon model has only gone up since it was launched, starting from 20 percent in February.

Several researchers concluded that the rise is due to Verizon’s decision to cap plans even if their model is already several months old in the market. Users that might have otherwise waited for iPhone 5 may have been buying early to get the unlimited data. Localytics also said that it could be a “precursor” of an iPhone 5 launch that is predicted to be in September.

The result shows that Verizon is important to to regain growth in the US against .

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