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Best iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week

Written on July 09, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Top apps for the week from GADG, revealed.

This week, GADG collected the best applications for phones, iPhones and . Here they are:

Fring is originally known as a mobile app which allows users to create free video and voice calls instantly. Now, the said app has been improved, giving iPad owners the ability to contact and talk to more than one person. Fring lets you drag a maximum of four friends from your list and into your window, so you can chat with them all at once and they can also talk with the rest of the group. The app is as well revamped to produce satisfied and Android users.

FlixLab is probably the best iPhone app which lets you create and edit movie clips by using you or your friends’ photo galleries. You can capture several photos during a party or any events and then compile them to create a memorable video clip, which you can download on your iPhone or share with your Facebook friends. The app also offers a wide collection of backgrounds, themes, and music, which you can use to make your movie more appealing.

iPhone App

An app which lets users access their Tumblr Dashboard stream right in their iPhones. The Tumblr iPhone 2.0 app allows you to create a post, manage your blogs, share your thoughts, and interact with your Tumblr community with ease. You can also share photos and videos in an instant, as it features six simple icons: Text, photo, link, quote, audio, and video. Moreover, new users can create their accounts just by accessing the app on their iPhones.

The Fring, FlixLab, and Tumblr iPhone 2.0 App are only three of the best apps that were released recently. Watch out for more iPhone and iPad apps, only here at GADG.


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