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Three Coolest Gaming Sites for Kids

Written on July 11, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Check out the three gaming websites that offer fun, recreational, and educational activities for youngsters.

Perhaps the best way for kids to enjoy and learn new stuffs is by allowing them to play games. Through playing, children can hone their skills and may assist them academically in their learning stage. It also lets youngsters understand different concepts, learn how to follow instructions, and understand topics faster. The three gaming sites below are well-designed to provide the academic and fun needs of children.


“This site really promotes fun and learning for all ages, so parents can really have a lot of activities to choose from.”

Play Kids Games is a website that offers fun yet educational kids’ game. Its main goal is to help children learn new abilities through allowing them to interact with computer games. The games vary from math, logic, memory, vocabulary, alphabet, spelling, geography, computer skills, color identification, to shape identification and other various problem solving. The mission of Play Kids Games is to engage themselves with parents, teachers, and kids, and pave the way for a challenging and fun platform for children ages pre-K to middle school.


“Kids and parents will really have a blast going through the pages of this site for all the exciting things that they can do.”

This online gaming site for kids has been running since 1998. They provide kids and parents with a huge array of educational games, such as 1,500+ free online jigsaw puzzle games, over 900 free kid’s printable coloring pages, more than 2,000 free pieces of children’s clip , and many more. Aside from the website’s 5,000 fun pages created specially for youngsters, the site regularly adds 1-2 new games to keep kids engaged.

Aside from that, theKidzpage also provides games and activities for kids who love holidays. Puzzles and other stuffs in the Valentine’s Day, Easter Holidays, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah are available in the site.

3. Kids Games

“This site is very unique since they also created a lot of games that will make the children move a lot for them to improve their physical abilities.”

Kids Games provide a wide collection of fun games. Kids and parents can select games through categories, or by viewing them alphabetically. Activities such as ball games, chasing games, circle games, strength games, and mental games, are all available in the site. There are also a number of 250+ unindexed games, which can be played by youngsters.

What’s really interesting in this kids website is that it does not only offer games, but it also provides rules for playground games, verses for jump-rope rhymes, and answers for game-related queries such as “Where did the name of the game ‘Marco Polo’ come from?”

Now that computers have been introduced to people of all shapes and sizes, parents and teachers can take good advantage of websites that offer fun kids games for they can use them to hone the skills of their children.


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