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Eight Useful Websites You May Not Know

Written on July 12, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Eight of the most useful websites that provide unique content and services, listed here at GADG.

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube — these are only three of the most well-known and trusted . But aside from these giants, there are also a lot of online sites that offer services, which are somehow new, unique, and innovative. Continue reading below and discover eight of the most useful yet unfamiliar to date.

1. – works with iPhone and devices, this deal sharing site gives you a list of all the nearby stores that are offering promos or discounts. Once you are ready to deal with a certain store, the site uses the system’s Common Lisp and Hunchentootserver in order to track your current searches and preferences.

2. – a website that provides both outdated and current news. It uses the HeatRank system to rank news stories.

3. Instructables – an online platform wherein people can share what their projects or tasks are and how they do it. Instructables lets members help other people or learn from them.

4. – a free website that allows you to create artsy photo collages just by entering the URL of any photo links. Shape Collage is the only collage maker that optimally arranges photos, can handle multiple photos, generates super high-resolution images, and makes collages instantly.

5. – a service that helps people collect and share websites or content that are trendy and useful. With KartMe, members are entitled to read reviews, find nearby restaurants, keep track of gadgets and movies, bookmark images, and many more.

6. Lumosity – an online tool that helps people in enhancing their mental abilities. It offers fun yet educational brain training exercises that aim to make you smarter.

7. – this site, integrated with twitter, lets users ask other users about a certain problem. By simply logging in with your Twitter details, you can post your bugs, browse through everyone’s posts, and discover what’s bugging people. Like in Twitter, Bugtwits only allows posts that consist of 140 characters.

8. – a useful directory for amateur and professional entrepreneurs. Together with, they both help small businesses to solve business problems and provide tips, which may boost their self-esteem. With, users can easily locate the top useful business websites, products, and services.

  • Lumosity

    Thanks for the shout out! If anyone’s interest in Lumosity was piqued you can check us out here    
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