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The iOS 5 Beta 3’s New Add-ons and Features

Written on July 12, 2011 by Lulu

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The iOS 5 beta 3 brings many hidden changes and features which improves user experience.

The release of ’s new mobile operating system, , brought a large number of superficially hidden but significant extras. One of these extras is that it enables users to set a custom sound for an SMS. This is common to most phone platforms, but wasn’t an official option until now.

Other of the iOS 5 beta 3 are the following:

Location rights – This was given a higher priority in this new test version. Anyone that setting up the device for the first time might disable location services entirely during setup. Delving into the device’s settings now enables users to turn off even OS-level features that use location to target their services such as cellular network, diagnostics and even traffic in Maps.

Assistive Touch – This feature has given a new control panel to help users access basic phone controls without using the home button. Tapping a customizable hot corner brings up an overlay with a high-contrast, black and white interface for things such as volume or even shaking the device.

Voice Call Roaming – It is now possible to turn this off separately from data.

Other features of of iOS 5 beta 3 is the direct link to the iTunes from the music app when browsing, moving all the videos to the Videos app, and finer-grained control. The performance of the new iOS 5 beta 3 as a whole has improved, and it indicates that Apple is much closer now to its final release.

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