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HP, Taking on MacBook Air with Ultrabooks

Written on July 13, 2011 by Adam Eve

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The battle for the best ultra-portable laptop is heating up, as HP is set to unveil at least two Ultrabooks to take on Apple's MacBook Air.

The war between ultra-portable laptops is firing up, as is anticipated to be the first to release laptops based on ’s new Ultrabook category: Slim, affordable laptops, which can be a worthy alternative for ’s . also reported that HP is slated to launch at least two Ultrabook models prior to .

Sources also informed DigiTimes that HP will use Intel’s Core i7-2677M and i7-2637M dual-core CPUs. However, the chip maker’s guidelines for indicate that the HP models will be 0.8-inches thick, with long battery-life, and should be tagged under $1,000.

With Apple expected to unveil a MacBook air refresh in the coming days, the timing of this news makes it very interesting. The race for the best ultra-portable laptop is about to start.

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