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LG Launches World’s First ‘No-glasses’ Cinema 3D Monitor

Written on July 14, 2011 by Adam Eve

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The world's first glasses-free cinema 3D monitor by LG is now available in the Korean market. Make way to LG DX 2000!

announced the world’s first glasses-free Cinema in Korea yesterday. For KRW1.29m or £765, the 20-inch monitor offers solution to one of the major problems in 3D TVs.

Conventional glasses-free 3D displays use system, in which a fresnel-like filter in front ensures that each eyes sees different pixels. However, slight head movements or change in viewing positions can cause the image to collapse in 2D or become blur. That said, LG’s uses a webcam-style device which is built into the device to track eye position. Thus, it guarantees that correct images are sent to each eye.

According to LG, their DX 2000 is the first to integrate eye-tracking and Parallax Barrier technologies. Moreover, the glasses-free cinema 3D monitor has a 3D switch function to convert 2D movies, games and pictures. LG’s latest technology brings them in all of 3D’s camps: Active Shutter, Passive, and Glasses-free.

The LG DX 2000 is now available in Korea, and will hit other markets as later this year.

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