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Mobile Apps Developers, Focusing on Verizon’s iPhone and iPad 2

Written on July 15, 2011 by Lulu

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After Verizon launches the iPhone, a lot of mobile apps developer switched their focus on iOS than Android platform.

The ’s launches of and 2 might grab the attention of many app developers and refocus their resources on iOS rather than . This is based on the numbers collected by Flurry.

Several developers who use Flurry Analytics showed that there’s a tendency to turn to iOS than staying to the Android platform. The analysis shows a decreasing percentage of new projects for the Android platform from 36% during the first quarter of the year to 28% by second quarter. This showed the waning interest in Android.

Developers are starting to create new apps for iPhone, as showed by the increase of new iPhone apps numbers on the Flurry Analytics for the first half of the year. The numbers increase from 54% to 57%.

Because of these results, Flurry said that the iPhone launch on Verizon is one of the factors that greatly contribute to the increase of numbers of new iPhone apps. Flurry also said that the launched of iPhone in Verizon brings favor to iPhone over Android development.

The iPad 2 launch also strengthens ’s control of the market. Offering another reason for developers to focus resources on iOS rather than Android.

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