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Top Three Firewall Software

Written on July 17, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Secure your computer and network connections with these best and free firewall programs.

Perhaps one option of defending your computer against viruses and online threats is through using an antivirus program. An antivirus is capable of detecting and preventing your PC from such infections. However, antivirus programs are not enough to protect your computer, especially when you are attempting to connect online. They only detect problems in your computer, but they don’t report viruses found in network connections.

The best software that is able to perform this job is a . Together with your antivirus program, these two can protect your PC from any forms of cyber attacks. Below are three of the best and programs for your Windows 7 PC.

Comodo Internet Security

boasts itself for being the best firewall tool that offers full Internet security services, either for-pay solutions or for FREE. In fact, it has been granted with a five-star rating from CNET. provides both the antivirus and firewalls programs, though it does not necessarily mean that you have to use its antivirus along with its firewall. You can choose a different antivirus program if you want.

This Internet security tool has great features that are not present in other firewall programs. With the goal of defending your computer and online connections against viruses and malwares, it locks down specific files and registry keys. It is also known for being light on system resources, which made it excellent according to most users. The Comodo is considered to be the longest-running firewall program.

PC Tools Firewall Plus Free Edition

Free Edition has received series of praises for its advanced and user friendly interface. It is manageable to install and does not cater for any damages. Aside from that, acquired a four-star rating from CNET, following Comodo.

Like Comodo, PC Tools Firewall also has its own anti- program — the Spyware Doctor. However, PC tools require users to install the Spyware Doctor along with the firewall. Take note that the Spyware Doctor is a program developed by PC Tools, and is not a third party program.

PC Tools is a great option for people who needs security for their computers. It has a focused service that is capable of tracking down online threats found in your network connections.

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

has been providing internet security services for many years. In fact, it is one of the first free firewalls for Windows computers. Its features have received a five-star review from CNET.

Though there are no current additions to the functions of ZoneAlarm, it is still capable of defending your computer from viruses, bots, malwares and other cyber attacks. It has some extra features, which cannot be found in other free firewalls. This includes an automatic Wi-FI security, anti-phishing protection, and a behavioral threat detection. ZoneAlarm is also equipped with an outbound protection, which detects and prevents viruses coming from other computers or networks.

ZoneAlarm is probably the best option for advanced users.


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