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Seven Weird Gadgets for your Workplace

Written on July 18, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Get your workstation all fired up with these unusual office gadgets.

Do you want something to spice up your workstation? Well, you’ve come to the right place, as GADG collected the weirdest – yet functional – that you don’t want to miss putting in your office.

The products below encompass vintage accessories, lighting, decors, tools, and other office stuffs that are considered unusual. View the photos below.

1. Bacon-Flavored Envelopes

Letter envelopes that do not only look like a bacon, but also taste like one. Lick the adhesive and see for yourself what these MMMMvelope offers.


A camera and pencil sharpener in one! This office is the perfect choice for employees who love vintage.


Defend your work cubicle from disturbing officemates with this creepy desk lamp. This product also serves as a good novelty gift for your Gothic friends.

4. Blowfly Alarm Clock

Catching some zzz’s while working? Then you badly need this cool alarm clock. The little “blowfly” departs from its pad and starts flying around making irritating noises to keep you awake.

5. The Butt Fan

The idea of putting a fan on the seat of an office chair came from . This weird office gadget is probably the perfect choice for people who usually cut the cheese.

6. USB Posture Monitor

This device, to be placed on the top of your monitor, will let you know if you are seating properly or not. It will flash a blue light if you are sitting up straight, and a red light if you’re not.


A USB-powered gadget that will keep your beverages chilled to a temperature of 45°F.

What’s your favorite among these ? Let us know your answers through the comment box below.

  • aprilove

    I so love the USB Beverage chiller! :) I actually want my energy-drink cold and chilled before I work. I’ll start looking for that gadget! :)

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