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Survey: iPhone 4 Users Think They Already Have 4G

Written on July 18, 2011 by Lulu

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A survey conducted by Retrevo showed that several iPhone 4, Android and Blackberry users believed that they already have a 4G phone.

The iPhone 3G and had 3G radio , which means that the must have 4G. This is what other users wrongfully believes.

conducted a on the 4G phone adoption and asked their consumers if they have a plan to buy a 4G phone this year. According to its result, several people said no. The biggest reason given by 30% of respondents was the data plan costs too much. While 22% felt that 4G performance wasn’t worth the price, and some admitted that they just knew little about 4G.

The survey’s result also indicate that 34% of iPhone owners believed that they already have 4G connection. Meanwhile, 29% of users that were asked by the same question also believed that they had a 4G phone. However, some of them might still be right if they own a or Samsung . While 24% of Blackberry users believe that they already have a 4G phone.

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