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Anymode Creates Smart Case Clone for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab

Written on July 19, 2011 by Lulu

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A company called Anymode produced a Smart Case clone for Galaxy Tab. This can be fishy!

Korean company, Anymode, produced an obvious copy of the ’s Smart Cover for the 10.1. Even if it can’t use magnets to wake the like ’s device, the is definitely a one-for-one imitation that is complete with the folding, four segment design and even five of the same colors. Its only difference is a basic shell to cover the ’s back.

Anymode is said to be connected to Samsung. The company chief, Sang-yong Kim, claims to be the nephew of Samsung chairman, Kun-hee Lee. Anymode and its parent company is also working for Samsung as manufacturer of accessories for the Samsung’s devices. That said, the Smart Case also has an unsual close connection to Samsung. It’s also possible that Anymode is trying to associate itself with Samsung to get legitimacy. However, Samsung still hasn’t commented about the said issue.

If the said link is true, then it may be used as an incidental evidence that will really hurt Samsung’s defense against Apple. Even if they are not the one who design the product, its tacit approval of accessories that will imitate iPad paraphernalia might be used against them.

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