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iPad and Tablet Market Will Boost Tech Revenue

Written on July 19, 2011 by Lulu

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The Customer Electronics Association, a technology advocacy group, predicted that iPad and tablet market will raise the tech revenue to $190 billion.

The said on Monday that ’s and the rest of the market will definitely boost the entire whole home industry by 60%.

Originally, the predicted a 3.5 percent yearly increase in 2011. However they’re now convinced that would push the growth to 5.6% or $190 billion. Tthe spike would be $4 billion more than they thought, and would see more than 7% or $14 billion of the industry’s coming from alone.

Tablet sales on market were expected to increase to 157%, as the CEA predicted that more than 26.5 million shipments will be called. Apple is set to provide its spring results on Tuesday, and it is said that they will double their shipments compare to 13 million last winter.

Analyst of the technology advocacy group weighed-in on TVs, and expected them as a whole to sink in the year. CEA said that 88% of US homes have digital set. However, 3D and Internet-aware sets would go up as the technology becomes cheap and omnipresent. Other devices such as cameras, home audio and in car tech were seen to have the most gains, with car techs benefitting from the double-digit spike due to more sought to wire up their media devices and get online.

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