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ACER Predicted Itself to be Back on top of World PC Market

Written on July 23, 2011 by Lulu

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ACER declared their return on profit on the third quarter of the year, as they face Macbook Air rival.

JT Wang, ACER chairman, argued his belief at last Thursday’s presentation that the company would return to profit in 2011. This comes after posting their two consecutive losses in the first half of the year, because of the ’s iPad domination over netbooks and low-end notebooks.

JT Wang also said that he expects a profit in the summer and an improvement in the fall — the combination of which would put ACER back in the top of the market. The said Taiwan PC builder cut its ‘abnormalities’ in Europe from unsold notebooks, and would have a much efficient 10 to 20 days of channel inventory in the summer.

The ACER executive also added in his statement that their company has plans to recover from their fall to the fourth place in world PC market share rank. In an attempt to focus more on quality than quantity, ACER would ship its hinted in December this year. The category was defined by as a way of getting Windows PC makers to emulate Apple’s MacBook Air. ACER’s timing may see that it has a marginal impact on 2011, but it may help compete in the notebook ultraportable space it has largely avoided.

Android 3.2 tablets are also coming, like the often delayed A100, as well as a smartbook that uses a . However, ACER’s predictions of their recovery have an unclear prospect. The company is known for making short term predictions for recoveries that failed. Since the iPad was released in Spring 2010 and onward, ACER incested that the iPad would be finished within a few months only to be disproved.

JT Wang was more candid about the fate of the notebook last year, although Windows-based notebook field would grow in the single digits in 2011. He estimated that netbooks would shrink by 10% to 20%. Much of its loss will be ACER’s, as it was the market leader until precipitous crash in netbook sales at the end of 2010.

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