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Apple Launches the Fourth Video Ad for iPad 2

Written on July 25, 2011 by Lulu

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Apple launched the fourth installment of their iPad 2 TV ads with a subtle promotion of their Mac OS X Lion.

On Sunday night, launched their fourth video ad for the . The video is called “We’ll Always,” that follows the earlier video .

The said ad stresses the common human element that people will always share their memories, cook dinner and make home movies. However, Peter Coyote stated that these will never be the same as the 2 arrives.

Apple also managed to promote in a not specific subtle trick through having a child write “” in a learning app, Alphabet Fun.

The said iPad 2 ad deliberately shies away from the technical, and on what the iPad and its apps can do, from practical perspective like the earlier ads for the said device. Other companies that launched a countering ads, including LG and Samsung, have so far dwelt on hardware specifications and software features that don’t resonate with their customers.

It is said that marketing played a significant role in communicating the advantages of an iPad, and has contributed well on Apple’s pursue of getting 61% of the market where the remaining portion is divided between other companies.

Apple showed a similar theme in ads for the lifetime of a product, and may not change their strategy until the release of iPad 3 which is expected to arrive in early 2012.

Check Apple’s fourth video ad for iPad 2 below.

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