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Blackberry Bold 9790 Bellagio Tutorial Videos, Made Public

Written on July 25, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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RIM spreads out two tutorial videos regarding its upcoming Blackberry Bold 9790 Bellagio handset.

The much-awaited from has yet made consumers more excited, as they recently revealed two ahead of the device’s launching date. The said videos disclosed few of the Bold 9790 Bellagio, which are believed to be a touch-capable Blackberry OS 7.0 handset that has similar functions to other iOS and devices.

As seen in the first tutorial video (posted below), RIM describes how users can create and design their own wallpapers in a very quick and easy-to-do process. While the second video displays how consumers could insert the battery, sim card, and memory card into the handset.

Reports affirmed that the forthcoming bar phone is expected to have a built-in 8GB internal memory, an interactive , and an NFC chip for credit card-less payments. Up to now, there are still no official news regarding the Blackberry Bold 9790 Bellagio’s processor, screen size and resolution.

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