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Kobo and WSJ Ceased Direct Selling Through iOS Gadgets

Written on July 25, 2011 by Lulu

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Kobo and the Wall Street Journal will stop direct selling through iOS devices, as the two companies follow Apple's new iOS subscription rules.

, alongside , announced on Sunday that they will stop providing links to buying books or subscription through their and apps. The two decided to follow ’s new iOS subscription rules, barring links to something other than iTunes. Purchases for either will now have to go through the web without direct links.  Books might also be affected, since its app disappeared from iTunes without explanation on weekend.

Apple’s new rules aren’t fatal to the apps’ successes. Kobo explained that much of its purchasing goes through the website. However, the move gives Apple an unfair advantage. Once the Apple’s rule holds, only the will be allowed to have the direct purchasing link.

Amazon held out on changing the app where a “ Store” link is still very prominent. It is also asked if the Amazon will be pushed into such limitations since the app is greatly known for more reading on the iPad than iBooks. Amazon also has more clout to challenge any Apple policy changes than smaller rival companies like Kobo.

Apple also prohibited competitive music and video stores long ago. Almost all of the criticism came from its decision to wait a year after the iPad was released, when several companies established their bookstores, to clamp down on competition.

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