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Dell, HP, Lenovo to Release MacBook Air-Influenced Notebooks by September

Written on July 26, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Dell, HP, and Lenovo are planning to head off MacBook Air with the upcoming release of their ultrabooks.

Three giant manufacturers – , , and – are teaming up with Acer and in order to release models this coming September. The suppliers pointed out that this attempt was made to battle the current products from . By this, the three are planning to produce ultrathin notebooks that have the similar Intel’s concept like the .

ASUS would be the first one to accomplish this plan. According to Digitimes’ sources, the supplier will be shipping a number of 100,000 UX21 models for the whole second half of 2011.

However, other companies like Acer and Dell, seems to be delaying their launch, as they are currently suffering from low production rates for their LCD products. Well, knowing that there are rumors claiming 1.5 million MacBook Air units might be released in summer, these latecomer companies may be left with only a small piece of the market.

Meanwhile, although there is a large demand for low-priced ultrathin notebooks with a great design and high speeds, most suppliers are still focusing on either producing a high-end product or cheaper but much slower crossover notebooks.

Intel revealed that they are targeting for notebooks that have 0.8 inches thickness and could be retailed for $1,000 or less. However, ASUS’ UX21 plans to create an Apple counterpart in order to catch the attention of most consumers.

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