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Five Best Viral Video Remixes on YouTube

Written on July 27, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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For your viewing's sake, GADG assailed the YouTube to take five of the best viral video remixes of all time.

Let’s take a break from those and matters, as GADG listed five of the best that will surely tickle your funny bones. The videos, which can be viewed after the jump, consist of “David After Dentist remix”, “Nintendo 64 kid metal remix”, “Scared Baby Emerson”, “Warcraft remix by Leeroy Jenkins”, and “Charlie Bit Me.”

5. Scared Baby Emerson

With Friday by Rebecca Black at its background music, watch this cute baby’s funny and shocking reactions.

4. Warcraft remix by Leeroy Jenkins

Who would have thought that computer games could also be a part of a viral video remix? Well, just watch this entry and see for yourself.

3. David After Dentist

Aside from the remix song, the way David reacts after visiting his dentist is what makes the video humorous.

2. Nintendo 64 kid

This metal remix video shows a kid who got very excited after receiving a Nintendo 64 for Christmas.

1. Charlie Bit Me

At last, the viral video remix that topped the list is the “Charlie Bit Me” video. Watch out how Charlie bites his brother’s finger, yet still looks funny due to the outstanding music remix. You’ll gonna love this!

Which of these viral video remixes caught your attention most? Share your thoughts on the comment box below.


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