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Rumor: iPhone 5 and iPad 3 Release Dates

Written on July 28, 2011 by Lulu

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A rumor emerged saying that Apple moved the release dates of their upcoming iPhone 5 to second week of September, and iPad 3 to November.

A emerged on Wednesday that is narrowing the of down to the second week of September, while the was moved back to November.

Apple is supposedly producing four million units for an initial batch of iPhone 5, presumably for the launch of the said smartphone. China Times’ tips had suppliers delivering 400,000 units for test run to make sure production was solid before going ahead.

The September release date of iPhone 5 corroborates repeated rumors and might make sense for Apple. Companies are often to narrow down the shipping to specific weeks. Talks also started about an event on late August that will give Apple about two weeks’ lead time.

There’s also a debate if there would be a release for 3 on November, since the company has a brief track record of releasing one per year — and only in the early spring. Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs, also called 2011 the year of 2 which casts doubt on any surprise third model at the same year.

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