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Amazon’s Tablet, Not an iPad Rival

Written on July 30, 2011 by Lulu

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The upcoming tablet from Amazon is said to be a rival of Nook Color rather than being a competitor of Apple's iPad.

’s upcoming tablet might be a competitor to the Color rather than an rival. Based on a report from insiders on Thursday, the said tablet would just be an advanced e-reader that have a color screen and some apps like ’s hardware. The focus, SAI heard, was on filling a hole where the was “most vulnerable.”

Almost all the rumors surrounding the said tablet have it carrying a roughly nine-inch screen. Amazon said to be in keen to keep the price of the tablet low by foregoing the camera and using simple two-point touch. Android would get several modifications, though these may be to preload Amazon’s services, like the Appstore, Amazon MP3 and Kindle.

The said firm is rumored for a long period of time being envious of the iPad’s success, and its potential to undermine Amazon’s book, music and video services in the short term — even if many believe it has been alarmed by the increased of the Nook Color. Amazon may have a good reason, as it lost its lead in e-reader after holding it in four straight years.

The usage of Android will be a costly sacrifice for Amazon. Even if it has a patent deal with for Linux, it might not be the same for Android and could be made to pay royalties as part of ’s shakedown campaign. The rates could be steep as well, given Barnes & Noble’s revelation of very steep royalty rates that makes Windows Phone cheaper to use than a rival like Android.

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