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Report: Apple Expected to Launch a HDTV Next Year

Written on August 01, 2011 by Lulu

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According to a report from a Wall Street analyst, Apple seems to launch a new high-definition television set on March next year.

A Wall Street analyst said that appears to launch a new high-definition television set in March 2012. The said will have three screen sizes and price points.

, along with , issued a note on Sunday for investors which stated the former’s “converged view” on the anticipated Apple HDTV — including several information based on details culled from a number of developers’ events he attended.

Trip Chowdhry also added that the said product, which is similar to Apple’s rumored HDTV, is the . This device is a 46-inch LCD HDTV with an integrated surround-sound system. The ’s goal is to simplify HDTVs by cutting down clutter, and to improve picture and sound quality.

He also claims that the Bose VideoWave offers the greatest sense of where Apple’s reportedly HDTV may be heading. He said that his “converged view” of the data coming from several developers is almost 75% accurate, and it might be released in March 2012.

The company’s rumored HDTV is currently being benchmarked against the VideoWave due to its reduction of cables to three. Trip Chowdhry also believes that any Apple television set would have just one cable. The VideoWave also sports a thickness of six inches, packing in 16 speakers.

Trip Chowdhry stated that Apple’s rumored HDTV will be a third as thick, and will also have 16 speakers. However, the Bose VideoWave will be coming out with just one screen size and price point; 46 inches for $5,200, while Apple’s HDTV will have three screen sizes and three price points.

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