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Intel Ultrabooks, Unable to Compete with MacBook Air on Price

Written on August 05, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Intel finds the technology needed for the production of Ultrabooks too costly, making them incapable of undercutting the MacBook Air Prices.

Since then, was aiming to produce a number of energy-efficient products that are capable of grasping a large percentage of the market sales. They started this goal by introducing a new version of addressed as “”. These so-called are believed to mimic some features of ’s , but with a much thinner and lighter feel. It is also expected to cover up 40% of the laptop market by the last quarter of 2012.

In order to achieve this goal, Intel has to work on producing cheaper laptops. However, sources close to the company said that the manufacturers are facing difficulties on pricing their devices lower than Apple’s MacBook Air, thus, affecting their aimed success in the market.

“The sources pointed out that the new MacBook Airs are priced at about US$999-1,599 with rather strong demand in the US; however, designing an ultrabook based on Intel’s technical suggestions will still be unable to reduce the machine’s level to lower than the MacBook Air’s unless Intel is willing to reduce its prices, which already account for one-third of the total cost.”

The goal of supplying cheaper Ultrabooks forced the company to utilize non user-replaceable batteries, and new platforms with more components added into the circuit boards of the machines. Although these requirements are a must in order to beat the MacBook Air, using them just mounted the cost of the devices — resulting for the Ultrabooks to have similar pricing as the Apple’s MacBook Air.

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