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10 Quirky and Stylish iPhone 4 Cases

Written on August 07, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Dress-up your iPhone with these ten unusual yet awesome cases.

With the boom of 4 to date, there comes a huge demand for the right kind of accessory that would go well along with it — and that includes the weird yet trendy . There are a lot of cool choices available in the market today which could outrun your boring iPhone case that looks common and simple like the others.

So whether you’re planning to jazz up your tiny device or just looking for something to give as a gift, you would certainly love browsing through the ten most unique iPhone cases, which GADG compiled below.

1. Bottle Opener Case

No need to bring bottle openers when attending parties. Because with this unusual case, you can open a beer bottle while still keeping your device protected from any scratches.

2. Rock Case

Although this one does not look like a real iPhone case, it will surely make your device more stylish and unique. Its rugged design even serves as better protection for your iPhone.

3. iShoes Silicone Case

This customizable iPhone case is the perfect choice for gals. It has a fashionable shoelace design which can be personalized into own lacing patterns: Whether through simple or complex methods.


This “huge” and “easy to handle” case will add colors to your boring iPhone design. It is capable of keeping your device well-protected and could even make the iPhone stand-up through its sloped back.


This case gives a new way to style-up your iPhone. With its designs made of silicone, you can easily access the device’s buttons and ports. It also comes with a removable fluffy bunny tail that serves as a stand, keeping your iPhone safe and trendy.


If you want an old-fashioned yet stylish feel, then you’d better go for this little black book iPhone case. It is made up of a wooden frame with Moleskine-based designs that will surely give protection and appeal to your iPhone. It could even disguise your device if you wish.

7. The $3000 iPhone Case

This one is perhaps the most expensive iPhone case on the list. Well, that’s not actually surprising, as it is made up of 200-year-old African Blackwood with 18K golds. The over-all look was very glamorous and antique, not mentioning its price.

8. Hand-Shaped iPhone Case

Here is the creepiest iPhone case you will ever see. It has a woman’s hand attached to it, which according to the designer, will give the feeling of holding hands with the person you’re calling. Do you want this stuff? Get it for 5000 Yen ($62).

9. Retro iPhone Case

Give your iPhone a vintage look with this 80’s brick phone-themed case. It has a solid frame that would surely keep your tiny device safe and quirky.


The last quirky product on the list is this wooden case made from 100% natural and eco-friendly materials. Manufactured by the best-quality USA industrial laser engraving machine, this hand-crafted iPhone case is designed to look like a retro camera.


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