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Font Glitches, Present on Mac OS X Lion’s Safari

Written on August 08, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Owners of Mac OS X Lion devices reported that the Safari web browser shows font glitches on some websites.

Following ’s release of , a report emerged that fonts on websites browsed on Safari were shown incorrectly. A couple of letter appear as square blocks with letter ‘A’ inside. While this glitches might be limited to a number of websites, observers pointed out that there may be a problem with the rendering of a specific styling code using the Mac Lion.

The observers also added that there is a possible clash between the system fonts in the said OS. That said, users are advised to clear up their system cache or validate their fonts with the . To check if their general maintenance procedure worked, users must restart their system and revisit the website they’re having font glitches with.

Apple’s Font Book app can be utilized to manage Mac OS X Lion’s system fonts for any possible conflicts. Once the app is launched and the fonts were validated, users will see any problems that is present in relation with the fonts.

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    Have encountered another problem Have one of our sites open in both Safari and Firefox running on 2 identical G5 towers – 10.5.8 on one, 10.7 on the other. The first renders the css fonts fine, the 10.7 machine will not display the css headline in Mistral, rendering it in default sans serif. But the text displays in Verdana fine.

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