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Motorola CEO Shows Interest Over Windows Phone

Written on August 10, 2011 by Lulu

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Motorola CEO is showing interest to build devices based on the Windows Phone platform.

, Mobility CEO, expressed his desire in building devices that was based on ’s platform. The executive claimed that Motorola is completely open to the notion of as a platform during the Oppenheimer & Communications Conference. However, he cautioned that the company is still waiting to see if it will prove a worthy competitor.

Sanjay Jha also pointed the uncertainty over which platforms, aside from and iPhone, will still be viable in the future. The said executive does not expect all of the primary competitors to survive, place in doubt on Windows Phone, Blackberry and webOS.

Motorola’s chief made similar comments late last year despite a new lawsuit that was filed in October by Microsoft over cellphone patents against the firm. The case focused on patents related specifically to .

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