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PS3 3.70 Upgrade Includes Automatic Cloud Saving and More

Written on August 10, 2011 by Lulu

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Sony announced to the public their latest PS3 upgrade called 3.70 which includes automatic cloud saving, 3D photos, and TV channel.

had put out a new update for the online and 3D users of the said console on Tuesday. The upgrade, which is called the upgrade, turns on automatic cloud saving for those who have the PlayStation Plus accounts that is required for the service.

This upgrade will enable gamers to flag individual games for automatic uploads and guarantee that certain games’ saves are always available. Trophies are also updated on the same schedule.

While players with 3D TVs will also get some of the larger benefits. Those individuals who have cameras that can create 3D – like the Real 3D W3 – can see MPO both within the Photo Gallery app and with the usual XMB interface. Java-dependent special features on Blu-ray movies will now keep their 3D, and it will stay active when DTS-HD audio is going out either in Master Audio or High Resolution encoding.

Internet video is now important enough that Sony is also developing a specialized category called TV/Video services. The service will depend on the country of the user, it may include Plus, and . Most of the videos that came from PlayStation Store will show in the feed as well.

In the PlayStation Store, users can now share apps to other friends with messages attached. Sony is yet to give additional information regarding the 3.70 update arrival, though most updates come within a few days of their being made public.

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