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Five Useful Websites for Pet Owners

Written on August 14, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Learn how to take good care of your dogs with these five useful websites for pet lovers.

Being a pet owner is indeed a challenging yet enjoyable role. It is a must for you to have good knowledge on how to feed, train, and take care of your furry friends. Perhaps the best way of learning new stuffs with regards to your is by browsing through the web. By that, you can be informed of what actions to take in order for you to pamper your in countless ways.

Here below are five websites that can be a useful resource for pet lovers.

Everything that you need to know about puppies and are all boiled down into one terrific site! Founded in 2004, is a dog-themed social networking website that aims to deliver helpful online sources for all things related to dogs. Similar to its sister site, Catster, Dogster covers a wide information on all types of purebred and hybrid dog breeds, dog food guides, and behavioral training tips and tricks. One of the best features of the site is its “Ask A Vet” page, wherein you can find nearby veterinarians and animal hospitals, and ask them for any expert advices.

Aside from that, Dogster also offers adoption services. The site will display dogs that are ready for adoption in your area along with their basic information such as name, breed and age. “Dogs 101″ also happens to be a useful page of Dogster. With this, you will be able to learn everything about oral care, dog supplies, and .

Training and feeding your furry friends are not enough to make them feel loved and secured. In one way or another, you also need to give them the right type of cages and accessories to keep them joyous. RadioFence is perhaps one of the best suppliers of products for your dogs, , birds and other pets. They take pride in providing fast shipments and very affordable pet accessories.

Most of their products include collars, fences, training collars, pet doors, dog beds, cages, and exercise pens. RadioFence also offers other stuffs such as Pet Waste Disposal, strollers, carriers, clothes, and pet toys.


Since the first thing that your pet need is a unique name, this website decided to come up with a wide list of cool and wacky names for your puppies. had browsed through the web, magazines, books and other publications in order to give you the best names for female and male dogs. They have also covered up the most popular and wackiest doggy names, giving you an opportunity to choose fun terms that you could never give your kids.

Aside from dog names, the site also provides a bunch of dog articles, blogs, stores and even clip arts.

It is undeniable that one of the stressful times for pet owners happens when their dogs or cats are suffering from illness or any health issues. Although the best advice for this problem is to visit and seek help from a nearby veterinarian, browsing through the web is then considered to be a hassle-free way of learning more about your pet’s disease. is a good resource, offering you with tons of information about dog/cat illnesses and diseases. The website is capable of listing down names and contact info of local veterinarians, which could assist you in evaluating your pets in person. Aside from that, Vetinfo as well features articles that are categorized and arranged alphabetically, helping you to find the best remedy for your pet’s illness.

VPI Pet Insurance

Because serious health issues may arise, pet owners should consider to have a good yet affordable dog health insurance.

VPI aims for nothing but the best — and that is to offer dogs and cat owners the highest value of health insurance services delivered with customer-first philosophy. With VPI, you will experience a great coverage and easy to use policies. The company has no additional or hidden charges, and they will happily assist you in choosing the right plan for your pet.


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