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Category: Mobile Software

AT&T Disabling the Bold 9900’s NFC feature

Written on August 16, 2011 by Lulu

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AT&T is allegedly planning to block the Bold 9900's NFC capabilities.

reportedly has no plans to get the ’s near-field communications () capabilities at launch. However, an unnamed source said that the hardware seems to be capable of features when it arrives in the hands of ’s customers. The said carrier will implement a software block to prevent users to take advantage of the .

If the report mentioned above is accurate, AT&T would not be the only carrier to block the new BlackBerry’s NFC feature. The first Bold 9900 buyers in the UK have been dealt a similar fate as is not yet ready to enable the said capability.

AT&T didn’t give any statements regarding the matter. It is still unclear if the carriers currently dodging NFC have plans to enable the feature in the near future.

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