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Steel Battalion Hybrids Xbox 360 and Kinect Control Scheme

Written on August 17, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor's combined Xbox 360 and Kinect control scheme will let players convey the feeling of controlling an imaginary tank.

In a world where game developers are doing their best to minimize the number of devices cluttering a gamer’s room, a tank simulator game like can be questionable. However, revealed at the Tokyo Game Show 2010 that ’s next release – the – will harness the power of . This could mean that the game will let players convey the feeling on controlling an imaginary tank.

In Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, you will portray Lieutenant Powers’s role, fighting around the world from the comfort of your Vertical Tank. As for the game controls, the game apparently involves a hybrid of game pad and Kinect motion controls. The physical controller is used for navigation, bringing destruction to your enemies. On the other hand, the Kinect will keep track of your “upper body gestures” in firing up your tanks, when using the scope and switching over the vehicle’s gun turret.

The Kinect would also be used when interacting with your crew, which means that Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor would offer a co-op component of some sort. However, there are still plenty of details to disclose before its planned 2012 release. So just stick it here at GADG for more update.

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