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iPhone 5, Seen in App Logs with Dual-Mode CDMA and GSM

Written on August 23, 2011 by Lulu

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Apple's iPhone 5 was seen in app logs with dual-mode CDMA and GSM. Could this be for real?

After a developer said that iPhone 5 has been showing up in app logs, repeated references to a dual-mode mentioned device emerged on Monday. A small batch of users were tracked while running two carriers. On of those seen by TechCruch attached itself to both and , which wouldn’t be possible on the current models of the said smartphone.

It is true that someone can fake the carrier ID and similar elements on jailbroken iPhones. However, creating two simultaneous IDs on one phone would be a difficult one, but it will not be impossible without the requisite hardware.

Apple is expected to use a Qualcom cellular chipset that would give it both CDMA and GSM, alongside 3G, without the need to separate phone models. The move would enable Apple to go back to making just one core model. It will also give Verizon subscribers true world roaming support, so that they’re not limited to the US and few more countries where CDMA is widespread.

Many see a dual-mode iPhone 5 as necessary to help Apple move to even more carriers than it currently does. Particularly in countries where CDMA is only one option and GSM is equal or more common. The company has already dropped hints of support for Sprint and T-Mobile, and it might also support , ’s , and Indian carriers such as or .

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