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WSJ: Samsung Galaxy S II, Not Coming to Verizon this Fall

Written on August 28, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Verizon Wireless confirmed that they will not release a Samsung Galaxy S II variant.

The Wall Street Journal just reported that Wireless will not be launching the smartphone for their network. The anticipated device will only be released on other major wireless carriers, including , , and .

The two companies remained silent with regards to this issue, and didn’t disclose any reactions on why they have decided not to work together even though Samsung’s Droid Charge had successfully got a place on Verizon’s shelves last May.

In 2010, Samsung achieved the highest rate of sales in the smartphone market, comprising almost 13% of all the handsets’ sales. But it is quite possible for this success to end, especially now that they’re facing a lack of partnership with Verizon and undergoing certain lawsuits from , including a preliminary injunction against sales of Galaxy S devices in the European countries.

The Samsung Galaxy S II has already sold out over 5 million units in just 85 days after its launching in Europe, Australia, and Asia. The Sprint version of the smartphone will then receive a $199 price tag (with a two-year contract).

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