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Category: Tablets

HP: Releasing Limited New TouchPads in Few Weeks

Written on August 31, 2011 by Lulu

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HP promised to release a limited number of TouchPad units, after disclosing that they will leave the smartphone and tablet market.

will be ramping up their manufacturing for a limited production run of their . The said company unveiled through their The Next Bench blog that it will be developing an unspecified number of new units. gave no indication on delivery, other than it will be at least few weeks and will occur during the current fiscal quarter which ends on October 31.

HP shocked the industry when it suddenly announced that it was leaving the smartphone and market earlier this month. The company – and its partners – then dropped the of the to as low as $99, creating a buying frenzy. Inventories will be consumed in a matter of hours.

The company said that it would try to limit quantities available to individual purchasers in an effort to avoid hoarding and profiteering. HP also said it would attempt to fulfill orders already successfully placed through its HP and HP online stores.

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