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Back to School: Ten Geek-Themed Classroom Accessories

Written on September 01, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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You won't want to pack up for school without these quirky and stylish accessories!

It’s already the month of September — which means it’s time for kids to pack up their notebooks and pencils, and be prepared to go . For some people, the back-to-school season is perhaps one of the largest sales season, following the Christmas holidays. This is the time wherein parents and youngsters visit the malls and search for the coolest pencil cases, crayons, and lunch boxes.

Although grown-ups might not find these treats too interesting, taking a look at these ten geek-themed back-to-school supplies might jazz up their tamed September.

Notebooks are the basic accessory a student must have. So if you’re in search for a simple yet cool looking notebook, then you’d better grab this one. It comes with 80 blank pages, and is retailed for only $11.76.


This giant eraser that shaped like your computer’s “delete” key is the perfect choice for students who like unique school stuffs. The Deletus could be yours for $14.

Experience the feel of returning to your childhood days with these retro calculators that look like your favorite building blocks. It is made up of pure plastic and comes with three different colors. The Building Block Calculators is available for $26.99.


Similar to the looks of an , this NotPad is a 9.7-inch notebook which you can use for scribbling and doodling. It is compatible with pens, pencils, and even crayons. Price: $18.

Make your packed lunch a bit cooler with the LEGO Lunchbox. Based from the popular kids’ toy, this lunchbox comes with a design that would truly make you stand out in the cafeteria.

Floppy Disk Sticky Notes

Bear in mind that these stuffs are not real floppy disks. They are cleverly disguised sticky notes. For only $11.99 for a pack of three, these floppy disk sticky notes let you store a few lines of texts and small doodles.

This cassette tape-inspired stamp kit is the best choice for geeks who like creating personalized files. The rubber stamp, which is mounted to a wood, makes the image of a classic cassette tape. It comes with a blue ink pad and a red pencil. This stamp set could be yours for $19.99.

Show off what type of geek you are with these knee-high socks. It comes with bright colors, such as red, purple, and blue — making you stand out from the crowd. You can choose from four quirky statements: Geek, Bookworm, Nerd and Bacon.

Ring Binder Boogie Board

Specially designed to clip into your ring binder, this type of Etch-a-Sketch features a pressure-sensitive screen wherein you can write and doodle using the included stylus or your finger. The Ring Binder Boogie Board is available for $82.

Converse All-Star Pencil Case

Could you imagine yourself placing pencils and pens inside your Converse shoes? Well, now you can, as the company rolled out its very own Converse All-Star Pencil Case, allowing you to store your writing stuffs and other stationery supplies in a sole-full pencil case.

  • Beautyarax

    Its so cute looks like a real shoe please let me know how can i order this pencil case 

  • Line1999

    I have the black pencil case :D 

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