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Verizon’s Guide Unveils Droid-Bionic’s Release Date

Written on September 01, 2011 by Lulu

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An equipment guide revealed that Motorola's Droid Bionic is due to hit the stores on September 8.

A couple of leaks last Wednesday confirmed that the Droid Bionic will be arriving on September 8. The much anticipated leader showed up in the carrier’s Equipment Guide for the date. It doesn’t have any direct fill mentions, leading Droid-Life to hint that is deliberately keeping it out of pre-orders — possibly to build up the launch day lines.

A follow-up from the same site both reinforced the date as well as giving several of that are still unannounced. Droid Bionic is believed to have an .4 and Talk video chat over 4G. And even with 4G and a dual-core processor, it is said that this device’ battery life could last 10.8 hours.

Droid Bionic may cost as much as $300 on contract. Accessories for the said device will include battery-related packs and cases like wireless charging cover. These packs also have three-plus docks that include Lapdock, regular and HDMI desktop docks and an in-car mount.

The Droid Bionic has been one of Motorola’s longest-delayed phones ever, which made an appearance in January at CES only to be completely redesigned weeks later. Still, it kept up large amounts of attention since it will be the first dual-core 4G phone on Verizon. Both the network and its hardware partner are likely to be in a rush to get it out as soon as possible with an 5 due in a month.

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