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Five Ways Schools are Using Technology in the Classroom

Written on September 04, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Technology plays an important role in education. As technology advances, it is utilized to help students of all ages in the process of learning.

If you could notice, there are already several universities and educational institutions to date that require students to have their own tech gadgets such as smartphones and tablet computers. According to these administrators, today’s advanced has been very helpful for their student’s learning. They utilize smartphone apps to teach the laws of physics, iPad tablets to practice writing, and Foursquare to guide new students around different campuses.

Meanwhile, although these institutions have revealed the vitality of using technology in providing , there are still numerous debates arising with regards to this matter. Based from a national survey conducted by Pearson Learning Solutions: “Two percent of college faculty members had used in class, and nearly half thought that doing so would negatively affect learning.” The University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth also made a survey and found out that “98 percent of higher ed institutions are on Facebook, and 84 percent are on .

Below, you can see the different ways of how schools are using technology in classrooms. Once you’re done reading the entire article, kindly share your thoughts on the comment box at the bottom. Does the use of tech promotes value to education, or they’re just providing bad effects to students?


Several educational institutions to date are using the iPad for teaching students. According to a study from Notre Dame, “iPads were very useful for brainstorming, aggregating information and doing group work.”

Teachers like Beau Barrett, who had discovered the importance of tech tools, uses iPad to help his fifth-grade class in reading and practicing penmanship. At Crestview Elementary in Iowa, the school where Barrett teaches, they have more than 34 iPad units — one per classroom. The Morristown-Beard School in New Jersey also utilizes iPads which students could use instead of notepads.

The video above features a class performing a 24-piece iPad concert using the app — GarageBand.


Using smartphones are also one of the best and fun ways of learning. At Trinity Meadows Intermediate School in Texas, the fifth-grade students are required to use cell phones, which are donated by HTC. They use them to learn about decimal points, capture for projects, and sent instant Word documents to one another. John F. Kennedy School in Spring Valley, Illinois also figured out the vitality of smartphones. They’ve equipped their sixth-grade class with a Nova5000 mobile phone that has built-in math and science applications, such as


Aside from iPads and smartphones, schools also found a valuable resource in apps. At Owens Cross Roads Elementary School in Alabama, first-grade teacher Susan Smith uses “Pop Math” — a game app that requires students to match math equations to their answers. Students at Burley School in Chicago, on the other hand, uses SonicPics to combine images and stories to produce weather reports and podcasts.

The popular Angry Birds game is also a great choice for providing education. John Burk of Westminster Schools in Georgia utilized this app to teach the laws of physics.

Skype and

Since Skype offers instant video calling and chatting, some schools are using its services to set up language lessons and reading assignments. At the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, instructors utilize video conferencing to interview potential students and alumni.


For most college students, they see Foursquare as a helpful tool in checking out nearby venues and unfamiliar places. This application was even used by Texas A&M University for their scavenger hunt program, wherein students have to follow series of clues to discover different places on the campus. The North Carolina State University’s main library also realized Foursquare’s potential and used it to show “historical pictures of campus buildings based on where users are standing, including a snapshot of the first freshman class, from 1890.”

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