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Best Buy Prepares for Two iPhone 5 Launches

Written on September 05, 2011 by Lulu

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Two stages of iPhone 5 releases on Best Buy -- for real?

prepares itself for the launch of in two stages based from two leaked information on Sunday. One discovery from a staff memo shows that the retail company expects an introduction soon, along with  an “October week 1 launch.” The same BGR instance also claimed that it expects a .

Other clues potentially put the said release later. Best Buy Mobile managers are due to talk about “upcoming big release dates” on October 10 and on October 21, receiving a new “ fixture.” The installation described to This Is My Next wasn’t attached to the iPhone by name, but it would unusually needed a manager to be available an hour earlier than usual for inventory — similar to what happened last year for the iPhone 4.

Both tips leave room for flexibility in the release, but it support the overall expectation of a mid-October launch with Sprint added as a third US carrier. Some room exists for other devices to show in October, such as expected updates, but few are likely to get the same level of attention from retail staff.

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