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Samsung Faces Another Injunction, Pulls Out Galaxy Tab 7.7 from IFA

Written on September 05, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Another injunction from Düsseldorf regional court has urged Samsung to abandon its Galaxy Tab 7.7 promotion at the IFA trade show.

has once again faced a new injunction case coming from the Court, which forced them to pull out its -based 7.7-inch computers during the trade show in Berlin last Friday.

At first, it is not clear whether the company pulled the devices for personal reasons or in response to the new injunction. But eventually, Samsung’s spokesperson appeared to confirm that their action was due to the court-ordered ban. “Samsung respects the court’s decision,” Chung noted in a statement, saying that the company believes the ruling “severely limits consumer choice in Germany.”

Meanwhile, This Is My Next claimed that the company has utilized an array of sheets in order to cover up the posters in its booth on the IFA show floor. Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents, on the other hand, noted that Samsung said it has no plans of selling the in the U.S, this is just “most likely also attributable to ’s legal pressure.”

This would be the second time that Samsung faced an injunction from Düsseldorf. Last month, they received the same case from the regional court, forcing them to end the selling of devices in European countries. The court is now set to issue a post-hearing decision on September 9. Moreover, a Netherlands judge just banned the sales of Galaxy smartphones in Europe, the company was also unable to market the in Australia after losing several court hearings over Apple. The device’s launching is now delayed until Sept. 30.

Apple and Samsung are indeed facing an intensifying legal rivalry. This issue actually started when Apple testifies that Samsung copied most of its smartphone and tablet designs. But according to Samsung, they are not trying to mimic Apple’s products, they’re just “simply competing in the marketplace.”

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