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Apple Store in Hong Kong Gets an Opening Date

Written on September 06, 2011 by Lulu

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It's official! Apple Store in Hong Kong will be open on September 24.

Apple alread posted banners setting September 24 as the opening date for their first in . The said two storey shop has a banner advertising “Apple HK,” and brags its position in the very high-end International Finance Center which is one of the highest-rent retail areas in the world.

The new Apple store, as seen in the photo, is said to be the newest center of the city’s Central District with regards to its location. Some consider the store as a very important part of Apple’s Southeast Asian growth, which saw sales grow to 600% every year this past spring.

Even though a wide gap exists between rich and poor, Hong Kong is one of the wealthiest cities in the whole world and is likely an ideal place to fit for Apple’s more upscale image. It is also considered by almost all people to be a first point of contract for bootleggers bringing either from southern Chinese factories or even back to China from the U.S. — in some cases leading to elaborate smuggling operations. An official store will give buyers an obvious legitimate route and may curb price gouging.

Having an official store also might serve a long-term benefit of counteracting Android’s rising image in China. Companies’ in the said place like , and are all gaining ground with lower cost Android smartphones at a time when Apple only has limited brand recognition.

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