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Five Popular Websites that are Dying

Written on September 07, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Gawker, Slashdot, MySpace and other websites are currently on their way out.

It would be too hard to believe, but you must face the fact that there are already several popular sites that are going to become extinct; or in short…dying. It is quite undeniable that today’s social networking sites – such as Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare – are playing an important role on one’s everyday living, forcing the used-to-be popular out of the scene.

Below, you can see five of the formerly famous websites that are starting to die:


Gawker is a NY-based news blog that takes pride in being “the source for daily Manhattan media news and gossip”, and focuses on providing updates on celebrities and the media industry. As reported by Compete, this famous gossip site’s visitor traffic has dropped 75% in 2011 and has even faced several issues – including a decrease in freelancer budgets, a leaked stalker map showing the location of most celebrities, and series of site changes.


This website, which is used to chat with different people across the globe, has been one of the popular sites since it went live way back in 2009. pairs strangers for webcam-based conversations; most of the time, the stranger is naked. Due to the fact that it contains ‘R-rated’ content, the site received 1 million visitors, following a 25% drop this year – as reported by Compete.

Chatroulette was created by Russian Andrey Ternovskiy when he was 17 years old and still studying in high school. The site had faced several issues because of its adult services. “Chatroulette was a fad, an interesting one for a while, but was invaded by male exhibitionists, and most people aren’t into that sort of voyeurism,” Analyst Roger Kay stated.


MySpace was used to be the public’s best social networking website. It even became the most popular social site in the U.S in 2006 up to year 2008. But as Facebook and Twitter arrived on the scene, MySpace’s fame was overtaken due to the decrease in monthly unique visitors. Last July, the site gained 30 million visitors, but Facebook vanquished them with 150 million.

MySpace had more than 64 million visitors in July 2010 — so that would be a 54% drop from their original record. According to some experts, the drop was due to the site’s usage of out-of-date and boring, simple interface.


Bebo is a social networking website that went live way back in July 2005. Since its launching, the site has gained more than 2 million users in one year; but now, several reports claimed that it is only getting 600,000. AOL used to acquire the social network in 2008 for $850 million. However, they sold it for just $10 million last year. Bebo is now owned and operated by Criterion Capital Partners.

The reason behind why AOL sell Bebo still remains as a mystery. Nevertheless, experts believe that the site’s similar services to Facebook and Tumblr might be a contributing factor.


Slashdot is a website that provides current news with regards to technology, science and computers. It started out as a home project, then eventually became an established news source in 2007 with a tagline of “News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters.” The site attained over 1 million users way back in 2008, but according to, the number of visitors and users dropped to just 100,000 in April.


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