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Apple’s iPhone 5 Production, on its Full Steam

Written on September 08, 2011 by Lulu

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Apple's iPhone 5's production is in full steam, as Foxconn manufactures 150,000 iPhone 5 units per day.

Supply chain discovered on Wednesday that ’s newest smartphone, , is now approaching its production on full steam. , ’s key iPhone builder, is currently believed to be producing 150,000 iPhone 5s per day. Manufacturing is said to be brisk enough that will ship out five million to six million iPhone 5s in September and 22 million for the fall.

The said figure also doesn’t factor in millions of iPhone 4 units, as it ramps down the original versions and supplemented the new model with a possible BGB iPhone 4.

Early production might not even include , which is the manufacturer intended for about 15% of Apple’s orders. Even though repeatedly referenced in the plans, it might not ship until 2012 instead of September.

Production levels of this sort could give Apple another all-time high in iPhone shipments, and keep ahead of its competitor – such as Samsung – that could close in. The said launch on early October promises to be a major experiment for Apple, as it will be both the first time gets a genuinely new iPhone as well as the first iPhone. Other carriers in China and might come online at the same time frame, and expand Apple’s range beyond just its familiar network.

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