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Microsoft: Announcing Windows 8 on Tablet next Week

Written on September 09, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Microsoft is said to showcase its Windows 8 on a Samsung tablet next week, during the BUILD developer's conference.

’s will allegedly show Windows 8 running on a next week, in time with the BUILD developer conference in California from September 13 – 16.

One unnamed source specifies that this will be Samsung’s first collaboration with the Windows/Xbox giant in its hardware device division. Analysts believe that this collaboration is part of the South Korea-based company’s plan to withdraw from relying solely on ’s OS.

However, Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablets are not expected to hit the shelves for another 12 months. And by that time, an array of Android Ice Cream Sandwich tablets will have invaded the market. Moreover, will likely roll out its 3. With the industry’s quick shift in focus to mobile computing, the Windows 8 will need a lot of catching up on its development — not to mention how it will perform on tablets after a year.

Regardless, it’s a no brainer that a lot of buzz surrounds Windows 8. Are you excited to see the upcoming Microsoft OS for tablets?

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